Siena Tugendrajch, MA is currently a Consulting Intern at CCSI working under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Meeker. Siena completed her undergraduate degree at Skidmore College and then served as a post-baccalaureate research assistant at Dartmouth College. She is a Clinical Psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she has specialized in the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based mental health services for youth and families. As a researcher, Siena has been most interested in the evaluation of therapist training efforts, including ongoing supervision and consultation, and including caregivers and school personnel in mental health services for youth. Using a cognitive-behavioral, strengths-based, and goal-oriented orientation, Siena has provided outpatient treatment and assessment for youth and adult clients, school-based mental health services at the student and classroom level, and home-based Multisystemic Therapy for juvenile justice-involved youth and their families. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has become increasingly interested in the role of self-care in protecting mental health providers from burnout and in promoting resiliency in difficult times. Above all, Siena is passionate about increasing equitable access to high quality mental health services for youth and families from all backgrounds.